What are databases? Why do we need them?

What are databases and why do we need them? If you want to understand databases then don’t start with the features of database software. you need to go the other way. Databases are designed to solve a problem trying to understand what problems the database is solving. You have some data and therefore you need … Read more

What is Normalization in DBMS? Complete Guide Updated (2021)

Let us see the sensible example. Here i’m taking student table (student relation/ or student relational schema) . Here there are duplicate entries in the department information. I have highlighted the data where it has redundancy. Here we’ve 8 records in our table what if we got many records? It is a drag right? Let us say we’ve 100 students in our table for the CSE department, for … Read more


Software Development Life Cycle. Software Development Life Cycle.SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) may be a set of steps that a team will absorb order to form sure that they build a correctly functioning application. So with this complete process, there are many of us they’re getting to get on this team and that they are performing on different parts of the development of this application. Looking at the below Requirements Design Implementation Verification Maintenance … Read more