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What is SQL and what are the uses of SQL?

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Can anyone tell me what is mean by SQL and what are uses it? 

Thank You. 

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SQL means structured query language. There are many different types of queries and all belong to SQL dialect which includes Postgresql and Microsoft SQL Server, or even Oracle (see next list) using RDBMS technology.

One of them is MSSQL with its name meaning Multi-Stored Procedures Language or MSSQL, it's an interface for data-based operations that allows the user access to multiple documents stored within a database system.

This method uses two separate databases such as MySQL or MariaDB used by application servers supporting each other together under the C# programming model called "ASM". 

Advantages of SQL

  • SQL can execute queries against a database.
  • SQL can retrieve data from a database.
  • SQL can insert records in a database.
  • SQL can update records in a database.
  • SQL can delete records from a database.
  • SQL can create new databases.
  • SQL can create new tables in a database.
If SQL doesn't understand the context that you want to talk about, it won\'t does
what its intended purpose is going for.
The default "mapping" function may be used instead of trying out different possible methods
(e:g., SELECT query FROM user WHERE tableName = 'admin'); but I would recommend writing your mapping using Entity Framework classes; rather than dealing with all these complicated things manually when starting an application or setting up one's own migration process

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You can see the attached picture to understand the importance of SQL.

For more information, you can also check The importance of SQL and the Technology Trend.


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