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What is the OLTP and OLAP in Data Warehousing?

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Dear Experts, 

I want to understand what is the OLTP and OLAP in Database or Data Warehousing. 

Can anyone explain to me in detail? 

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I will explain to you the major difference between OLTP and OLAP.

1) OLTP: Online Transaction Processing System.
All transactional data will be stored here. Here you see very recent data
and it changes very frequently.

Functional: ATM Banking System, Ticket Booking System.
Technical: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and so on.

When you withdraw some amount from the ATM it will immediately affect your account. Similarly, When you book some tickets online it will immediately affect the current status of availability of the tickets.

2) OLAP: Online Analytical Processing System
Analytical or historical data will be stored here for reporting and analysis purposes. Here you will see the years and months of data.

In OLTP when transactions are happening it is very difficult to report and analyze the data since it changes very frequently. In case you want to know how many tickets booked last year, you will not be able to get it in OLTP whereas OLAP can answer all these questions.

Here you need a mechanism or a system which store and give the solutions for a period of time which is called as OLAP.

Examples: Data Warehouses and Data Mart are examples of OLAP.


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