Area and Perimeter Of Rectangle in PLSQL

Prerequisite – PLSQL Introduction

area and perimeter of rectangle in plsql

A PLSQL code is a groups of commands which are arranged within a block and block is a group of related declarations or statements.

Now, let us see a practical example of the area and perimeter of rectangle.

In declare part, we declare the list of variables and between begin and end part, we perform the operations.

Area and Perimeter of Rectangle Explained

What is the major difference between area and perimeter?

The area of region covered into the shape or figure whereas perimeter is the distance covered by periphery of the form .

The unit of area is given by square unit or unit2 and unit of perimeter is same because the entire area covered by a single unit.

In other words, area is that the term wont to define the quantity of space haunted by a 2D shape or surface. We usally define area in square units : cm² or m².

Area defined by multiplying the length of a shape by its total width.

Whereas perimeter is that the distance around the fringe of a shape to find out how to seek out the perimeter by adding up the side lengths of varied shapes.

PLSQL Procedure

SQL> set serveroutput on
     L Number     :=&Length;
     W Number     :=&Width;
     P Number;
     A Number;



    dbms_output.put_line('Perimeter of Rectangle is '||P);
    dbms_output.put_line('Area of Rectangle is '||A);



Enter Value for Length: 4
Old      2: L Number  :=&Length;
New      2: L Number  :=4;
Enter Value for Width:5
Old      3: W Number :=&Width;
New      3: W Number :=5;
Perimeter Of Rectangle is 18
Area Of Rectangle is 20

PL/SQL Procedure Successfully Completed.

PLSQL Procedure Using Predefined Values

area and perimeter of rectangle

Given the value of the length, breadth, and let us see how we can get the expected output.


Input: l = 5, b = 7
Output: Area = 35, Perimeter = 24

Input: l = 4, b = 8
Output: Area = 32, Perimeter=24

Mathematical Calculation

Area of rectangle is:

Length * Breadth

The perimeter of rectangle is:

2 * ( Length + Breadth)

Below is the necessary implementation.

-- Declaration statement
-- This statement is used to declaration of length and assigning values
l NUMBER(4, 2) := 5;
--This statment is used to declaration of breadth and assigning values
b NUMBER(4, 2) := 7;
--This Statement is used to declaration of a variable for Area of rectangle
a NUMBER(4, 2);

--This statement is used to declaration of a variable for perimeter
p NUMBER(4, 2);
-- This statement is used to calculate area and perimeter
a := l * b;
p := 2 * (l + b);

--This statement is used to display result
dbms_output.Put_line('Area of the rectangle is '
|| a);
dbms_output.Put_line('Perimeter of the rectangle is '
|| p);
--ENd program

Here is Output

The area of the given rectangle is 35
The perimeter of the given rectangle is 24


Here we’ve seen two methods one using parameters other one is passing static values.